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5 Strategies to Develop Innovative Business Thinking Skills

5 Strategies to Develop Innovative Business Thinking Skills

Life as we know it turned out the way it is because of creative thinkers. Most of the inventions that’s making our daily lives convenient today, were once peculiar ideas. Often times, if not always, people thought these ideas were impossible to execute. However, some people thought differently, and this led them to the discovery of revolutionizing inventions. Innovative thinking is essential in order for humanity to continue to progress throughout the years. With innovative thinking, even you could create a difference in this world.

Here are some strategies you can use to cultivate innovative thinking in your system:

Seek Inspiration

Inspiration is a strong driving force that led to the discovery of innovations that changed the world. Some of the successful inventions we are enjoying today were discovered unexpectedly. Often times, they started off as something else, then turned out to be something different. For example, the post-it notes that’s commonly found in workplaces. Spencer Silver wasn’t aiming to invent something that would come in handy to write down reminders or notes, he wanted to create a strong adhesive. It may have turned out to be weaker than what already existed, but a colleague of his used that characteristic to create the post-its we find useful today.

Seek Motivation

Some of the inventions we are enjoying today came from problems they were facing yesterday. Most inventors found their motivation to design their innovation from an external driving force that compelled them to take action. Just like how the need of a method to store information led database development, the desire of a “wonder drug” led to the discovery of penicillin. Although, Sir Alexander Fleming ironically discovered his invention when he decided to throw away his experiments, his motivation to find a cure led to his discovery.

Seek a Different Angle

A lot of things that’s making life more convenient today are from existing ideas perceived in a different angle. There were also instances that inventions were made through the combination of ideas that are present today. If it weren’t for the idea of a stationer Hymen Lipman to embed a rubber plug to the end of the pencil’s wood shaft, we wouldn’t be enjoying the convenience of built-in erasers while using pencils.

Seek Ways to Become Persistent

A few decades ago, a number of things that are present today were only found in science fiction books and films. It is the persistence of the inventors to develop and upgrade technology that made gadgets easier to use today. For instance, the production of various types of touchscreen technology today was brought to life by the first invention of E.A. Johnson in 1965. People developed this invention to become what it is today.

Seek the Impossible

Often times, people make fun of ideas that are seemingly impossible, not taking into account that the technology we are enjoying today were once silly ideas. Inventors in the past were able to make possible revolutionizing ideas, by defying the limitations of the human mind. Alexander became the father of modern communication, because he dedicated his life to prove wrong the company who underestimated the potential of the telephone he invented.

Innovation is a never ending progress. There are always new ways to make life more convenient for us people. We shouldn’t be afraid to think differently and creatively – because who knows where your creative thinking would take us next?

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