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A Guide to Facebook Live to Boost your Brand’s Awareness

Facebook Live is an extension launched by the social media giant in 2016 that we’re hearing about a lot. But what is it really? How can it boost your social media marketing to the highest level? With the help of creative solutions services and a smartphone, we’ll teach you how to supercharge your digital marketing campaign.

Give People a BTS of Your Biz

For some apparent reason, there are actually people who show an interest in having a behind-the-scenes look at how your business works – especially if they patronize your goods and services. This is your chance to open doors between your business and your clients and put a personal touch. It’s not just about earning profits but showing a human side to your organization. If you own a freight or logistics company, it would be really cool to show how you treat shipments with care and show how these goods travel through different destinations and culture.

Build Engagement by Doing Live Q&As

Facebook Live is a cool two-way channel between you and your client. People who tune in to your broadcast can send messages that show on the screen. This feature makes Facebook Live a great channel to engage with your audience. Your audience get their questions answered and the live element of the feature strengthens your bond with your clients. Through this feature, you’ll also get data on the things they want or what they need to know about your business.

Flaunt What You Have

Are you launching a top of the line product? Wow your audience by showing off how it works! Though a product description is cool, nothing beats a demo. Aside from that, if you are offering services that solve your customers’ problems, you can show how dedicated and hardworking your team works.

Facebook Live Is a Very Easy Way to Show Your Audience How to Use Your Product

Some products have features that your customer will find easier to learn how to use than others. For the complicated ones such as gadgets, tutorials will be really helpful in educating your audience in using your products. Of course, you should avoid being too hard-sell in promoting your products and instead, you can incorporate trivia and other fun things to your demo.

Give Your Audience a Glimpse on Your Take of Recent Industry Developments

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you should always be updated on what’s happening to the industry. You could make this process easy and fun for your audience by giving them a breakdown and sharing your take on what’s happening. Think of it as your own online newscast.

So, Are You Ready to Take the Plunge and Go Live?

With a well-developed marketing plan and a lot of creative prowess, you will be miles ahead of the competition when you choose to go live. It is very critical to keep in mind that you don’t have to spend anything to use it. If it doesn’t work when you try it, it’s okay. But chances are, you will be engaging with your audience in a different way. Once you get the hang of it, Facebook Live can become a powerful facet of your social mediaplaybook. Product tutorials, demos and unboxing can be used on your website or YouTube channel. Q&As can be transcribed and posted as online articles. The news you broadcast can be shared on other online outlets. The world of Facebook Live has a lot of potential to offer. So what are you waiting for?
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