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Digital Marketing Trends You May Want To Try Out

Digital Marketing Trends You May Want To Try Out

Marketing in the 2010s is delving deeper and deeper into the digital landscape, and there’s no sign that such trend will die out sooner or later. New marketing trends are created every day in the world of creative solutions services. Some stay while others are lost in obscurity.

Here, we take a look at some of these to help you get started.

The use of more visual content

In the era of information bombardment, users are more and more hooked to visuals. People want to be spoon-fed rather than read which is what visuals are for. Also, keep in mind that visuals speed up understanding and retention. What’s more, the use of correct visuals has the power to stir emotions and feelings. That is why it’s important to use visuals in building the brand image in the digital marketplace. To date, the use of cool logos, infographics, gif, photos and graphic design are all paving a new path for improving brand identity.

Content have become more interactive

The need to connect and engage is what’s pushing the current need for content to be more visual in nature. However, this same urge to engage is now pushing marketers to find new ways to create interactive content. Interactive content needs the active participation of the target audience. As a result, these new forms of content build connections and engage with visitors who, in turn, develop brand loyalty. This currently popular trend is the most successful form of strategy used in 2017.

An example would be BuzzFeed quizzes which successfully increased their user traffic and improved reader engagement.

Streaming live videos

As far as two years ago, online videos became responsible for up to 50 percent of our mobile usage, and video content hasn’t lost steam as of today. As a powerful form of visual content, videos have the capability to hook with consumers and bring in reactions and engagement in just a matter of seconds.

In order for brands to be successful in tapping emotions and excitement from the audience, brands have started “going live” via influences. This gives brands the capability to promote their content ahead of time while engaging with their consumers in real-time. This live element gives the brand a more realistic human approach which eventually leads to deeper loyalty.

The rise of in-store apps

This whole shebang of bringing brands to life is very powerful in this popular digital marketing trend. Retail brands are now discovering strong strategies to engage with their customers, in real-time and in-location—smoothly mixing the physical marketing elements of the past with the current digital trends.

This in-store marketing hype is one of the many that marketers are able to intertwine the physical world with the digital domain, all in the effort to boost interaction with the users. Now it’s the most popular form of connection in the digital world such that interactivity and engagement has become the top priority. Regardless, it’s up to you to discern well which suitable technology to use in building loyalty and enhancing the UX.

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