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Improve Your Customer Experience With Social Media

Improve Your Customer Experience With Social Media

If your business has not yet shifted to social media customer service, chances are, your competition is ahead of you by a mile. Since you can’t beat them, better join the fight and be good at it.

Remember that customer service via social media is more than just answering rants and complains posted by disgruntled clients on Twitter. It’s more than just giving “yes” or “no” answers on Facebook. It’s about engaging your clients and audience online. It offers a showcase for you and your brand to show and flex your social media muscle.

Here are some techniques to give your clients the best customer experience:

Respond Through a Video

A personalized video response is a heartwarming technique. There are plenty of tools that ORGS Technologies use that make it convenient to send a personal email to your clients. An example of this form of customer service is to record a quick, few-second video to wish your customers a Happy Birthday.

Respect Your Clients’ Time

Your clients give much value to their time, so if you are going to have a service delay, let them know how long the wait time will be. The world’s top companies answer customer concerns in minutes. The average so-so company response time is around 10 hours. Keep in mind that most people don’t have the patience to wait for 4 hours. Sad to say, 90% of social messages from customers are neglected. And a huge percentage of people who are ignored won’t think twice to go to the competitor.

Delight Your Customer

Your customers are looking forward to your response to their complaints on social media. But, it will truly surprise them if you make that effort to go the extra mile. Let’s say, if a bus company could respond to a passenger and include a meal ticket – that will be amazing. Just a little something at the side, even if it’s just a really small thing, will often be appreciated.

Get Customer Feedback

Receiving customer complaints via social media should be seen as an opportunity to show how much you value your customers. It is also a very good chance for you to learn. Customer feedback, be it nice or harsh, is valuable info. You can use such information to improve your services or your products for the benefit of your clients, and of course, your business.

Don’t be a Phony

Being fake is very obvious to the client – and everyone else who is following you on social media – will know if you are using AI or a bot to answer customer concerns. No matter how good technology is, people will feel how cold and soulless the service is. At least personalize your response.

Maximizing the benefits of of social media and utilizing it to improve your customer experience may be hard at first. But, following these tips will help you do the crucial tasks involved. If you haven’t done it yet, you’ll realize that you are missing out on a lot of things. Take the step in improving your social media customer care and you’ll see that it’ll go a really long way.

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