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Social Media Marketing Training

Social Media Marketing Training In Lagos

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Nearly every industry in the world today touches social media in one fashion or another. Learn how to use social media platforms to manage, optimize campaigns and to promote growth and position your brand in the global digital marketplace.with Orgs Social Media Marketing Training In Lagos and Abuja. Including the key techniques for using social media platforms to drive customer awareness of your brand and increase sales.

The importance of social media marketing for businesses and organizations is no longer questioned. It has become a worldwide trend in which helps businesses and organizations connect with their customers online. Now, every company needs a dynamic web presence. You will learn how to meaningfully measure social media engagement using platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs, LinkedIn, YouTube and their useful features.

Orgs Technologies social media marketing courses cover the concepts and application of social media marketing and will equip you with the skills to plan and implement a successful social media marketing strategy.

Social Media

Master Class

Certificate Course

  • Part-Time
  • Full-Time
  • Online Live

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Course outline

  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Integration
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Multi-Channel Campaigns
  • Online Advertising
  • Mobile Marketing Strategies
  • Digital Analytics
  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • Marketing Communication Tools
  • Marketing Research
  • Digital Marketing Psychology
  • Becoming a Marketing Professional
  • Information, Communication and Technology

Cost: 75,000 Naira (Pay in Installments)

Skilled Social Media Marketing Training In Lagos


Social Media Marketing integrates social media marketing techniques with marketing communications and strategy. The course modules have a strong orientation towards current practices and their application in real world marketing scenarios. The key to your website's success is making sure that your customers can find you when using a search engine.Upon successful completion of the course you will be able to work in a variety of roles.


The course helps those new to the subject to build and nurture an online presence and for those already promoting via social media, valuable information on the tools and techniques available to communicate effectively online. This course will give you an idea about how to use social media effectively to promote your business (products or services) online and how to use social media for your career growth.

Social Media Strategy

Through your studies you will pursue projects to gain an in-depth understanding of appropriate techniques and detailed investigations into relevant digital and social media marketing approaches. Marketing communications analysis and stakeholder communications will underpin essential understanding of the digital marketing practices such as:


Whether you are selling products or offering services our Social Media Marketing Training can help you generate more leads and sales. We specialize in creating posts that are engaging & designed to convert. You will also have the opportunity to take a 3 Months industrial placement at the end of your second year, should you wish equipping you with essential skills and industry knowledge.

What our learner have said…


- Olatudun Brown

Social Media Marketing Training In Lagos

The course prepares you for a job as a social media professional. Social media marketing roles are predicted to be in high demand globally for skilled graduates seeking employment in the sector. 

Course Design

Learn how to research for business and create posts that are designed to grab the interest of potential customers. We will monitor all aspects of your social media marketing campaign so we can deliver the best for our clients.

Successful Campaigns

This course will show you various techniques to ensure that your site ranks highly in the results list of today's most popular search engines. Throughout the course, you will engage in the application of theory to practice through various experiential learning platforms.

Professional Marketing

Become an expert in how to create, curate and collate content that weaves the story you want to tell in a way your audience wants to consume it. Whatever the platform, whatever the medium, we produce the content you need.

Next Session for Our Social Media Marketing Master Class

This practical and intensive training will cover a 4-week period, giving you ample time during the week to practice what you’ve learnt.

Week Days Social Media Marketing Training

Start Date: MARCH, 2020

Week Days: Monday – Friday

Length: 3 hours per day

Time: 10am – 1pm

Duration: 4 Weeks

Location: Suite Att. 74 Oja Shopping Complex,

Jakande Estate, Isolo, Lagos.

Weekends Social Media Training

Start Date: MARCH, 2020

Weekends: Saturdays and Sundays

Length: 5 hours per day

Time: 10am – 3pm (Sat) & 1pm – 6pm (Sun)

Duration: 4 Weeks

Location: Suite Att. 74 Oja Shopping Complex,

Jakande Estate, Isolo, Lagos.


ORGS Social Media Marketing Training is fun and interesting ways to connect and communicate business brand and idea to online visitors. For a digital marketing agency they are tools of the trade, to be integrated within a holistic marketing strategy to help reach business outcomes, and to showcase the individuality of each client.

Marketers can no longer choose if their brand is part of the conversation. They can only choose to participate. Connecting your voice to your most desired audience take control of a key step in the customer journey.

Do you know that there is 100% more lead-to-close rate of social media marketing than outbound marketing? Whichever you sell and whom you sell it to, using social media through marketing tools can help you grow your brand. Just a quick look at why social media marketing is so important should show you why the future is social.

When it comes to social media we get it, it is ours, and we do it well. We believe in the immense potential that there is a need to use an engaging and united strategy as part of your digital brand strategy and your digital brand strategy for your business.

Social Media Marketing Training In Lagos

ORGS Social Media Marketing Training


Social Media has now become an important part of our lives and is set to become a major part of how we interact with society in the future. Our course offers an overview of current social media trends, social media tools, the different types of services available and the ways that today’s online services could be used to enhance your career, business or your leisure activities. See how important content is in making a promotion successful.

Who should attend?

All attendees of this Social Media Marketing Training will receive a certificate to state they have achieved Orgs Technologies masterclass level of digital marketing which is the next step up from our advanced digital marketing course and those wishing to take their expertise to the next level can continue to study through our online learning community to achieve the Diploma in Digital Marketing which is recognized as degree level.

What’s included?

Orgs Social Media Marketing Training In Lagos and Abuja aims to provide you with the latest theory and current practice in Marketing, with a particular focus on digital social media marketing techniques and skills sought by employers and businesses. You will develop the skills required to devise advance digitally based marketing solutions to real business problems. Learn how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of new techniques in digital promotions.

Course Level

Find out what customers are using and what they want and expect from an organization’s communications into their online social world. Learn why measurement is important and how this benefits your organization or one you are familiar with. Look at a range of different ways in which digital promotions can be used to reach the customer. Learn how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of new techniques in digital promotions.


The Orgs Technologies e-Commerce course make me a happy man today, haven gone through several training institute to learn e-commerce but with no any result which is why I choose to enroll with Orgs Technologies. To my utmost surprise, the instructors were really passionate and helpful in trading the secrets to every students in the class. I now use my new skills to design fantastic and elaborate e-commerce website with all e-commerce function that you can think of up to payment gateway integration. The course really was fun and great value for money. without taking anything back, I’m so glad I did it! What are you waiting for?

Evans Anugwo

Right Social Media Platforms

Social Media Marketing Training In Lagos

With original engaging and creative posts and images, we maximize your customer engagement and Focus on your relevant demographics with free and paid Facebook advertising.

Social Media Marketing Training In Lagos

We give Give consumers instant access to their brand, with rise of video trends. To effectively promote your company and its products and services, we create customized YouTube content.

Social Media Marketing Training In Lagos

To create lasting partnerships and establish yourself as a professional, our team puts you in the midst of like-minded businesses and entrepreneurs.

We create a emphatic and robust and online presence by using powerful WordPress Plugins for social media campaigns, effective content marketing and more.

Tumblr has become a goldmine for anyone wanting to spread brand awareness, by using Tumblr’s sponsored posts and a Strategic Planning for Tumblr.

Social Media Marketing Training In Lagos

To optimize the benefits associated with Twitter marketing by using the right promotional tactics, targeting with our specialists and analytics.


With our well-planned and executed marketing campaigns, become part of a profitable community, boost revenue generation and increase user engagement.

Pinterest offers a unique outlet to show the fun, creative side of your company. To show off your products on Pinterest we build the best infographics and data visualization.

Social Media Marketing Training In Lagos

Instagram marketing strategies can lead to 15 X more engagement. Instagram can put your brand in the spotlight, more than just a photo sharing platform.

To attract interested audiences and improve your online visibility, our Flickr marketing strategies include using optimized images.


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MARCH 2ND, 2020.

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Take the Lead! Attend This Training

Learn in-demand skills with engaging professional instructors, and then apply them immediately, working on projects in a collaborative, business setting.

Skilled Social Media Marketing Training In Lagos

Social Media Marketing Training

Creating Campaigns

With your platforms selected, you’ll dive deep into ad platforms (such as Business Manager for Instagram and Facebook), to create your campaign, including selecting ad units, writing dynamic copy and ensuring targeting is set to minimize spend and maximize results.

Developing a Strategy

Learn to define the overall goal of a social campaign with key performance indicators. Based on business goals, you’ll select your platforms and develop an understanding of what success looks like. Take a data-driven approach to social media, by learning to analyze data and adjust your campaign’s copy, spend and targeting to ensure success. 

Social Media Strategy

To become an expert, you will develop a social media strategy, complete with a clear plan and success metrics. The strategy will outline ad copy, targeting and demographics, and demonstrate a deep understanding of performance driven social media marketing. Some Brands we manage their digital marketing for includes zeineo StoreLandmark ComputersKwick Buyer Properties & MoreZeineo CarsKwebie Fashion and Lots More.

“We are here to harness the skills of Information Technology to individuals, raising more than ever before World-Class Professionals to fit into Business Standards. We are out to provide the best of technology skills to public at a very affordable and highly resourceful manner than any of our competitors and showcasing Business Intelligence and Standards as it’s meant to be.”

Omoyajowo Stephen


Omoyajowo Stephen

Become Skilled In Social Media Marketing

  • Build a Social Media Marketing Campaign
  • Create Engaging Posts
  • Evaluate Campaign Performance
  • Master Industry Tools
  • Facebook Business Manager, Facebook & Instagram
  • Creating Campaigns with Optimized Performance
Social Media Marketing Training In Lagos

Experience Our Online Social Media Marketing Training

We are out here to harness the best skills of Information Technology to individuals, to see to it that more than ever before IT Professionals are raised to fit into all Organization Standards. We are out to provide the best of technology services to public at a very affordable and highly resourceful manner than any of our competitors.

Too Busy to join the class, we got you covered. Get a copy of any of our Online ICT Training at the tip of your finger.

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